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Brilliant ways to use your head -- browse our assortment of powerful and lightweight LED headlights. Comfortable, secure and durable, they're the perfect solution for those jobs and activities that demand the use of both hands.

Energizer® Vision HD+ LED Headlight:

Four light modes
-White spot light
-White flood light
-Spot and flood together
-Red for night vision

  • Dimmable to control brightness and runtime (excluding night vision)
  • Powerful beam. Up to 4X brighter than standard LED technology
  • Water resistant and drop tested to stand up to harsh conditions
  • Includes 3AAA Energizer® MAX® batteries
  • Light output: 350 lumens
  • Run time: 4 hours
  • Beam distance: 80 meters
  • Impact resistant: 1 meter
  • Water resistant: IPX4
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