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Vision Ultra rechargable headligth

Vision Ultra rechargable headligth

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The Energizer Vision Ultra HD Rechargeable Headlamp brings outstanding performance in a compact design. The headlamp shows innovative features with its rechargeability (USB port) and the Energizer Smart Dimming technology which allows for easy control of light intensity. In addition to the white LEDs, this light has green and red LEDs which preserve night vision for outdoors activities such as hunting and fishing. The VisionGuard technology gradually increases the light intensity to prevent a high beam straight in the users’ eyes.

  • RECHARGEABLE: Rechargeable and dimmable LED headlamp with 6 modes (USB cable included). After fully charging, this headlight delivers up to 4 hours of light and up to 400 lumens in high mode & 15 hours in low mode (20 lumens)

  • VERSATILE MODES: 7 modes: high, low, wide, and wide low; night vision settings in red and green; and flashing red for safety/emergencies.

  • MULTI-USE DESIGN: Designed for home, professional, and outdoor use, and to add safety to night activities such as running.

  • WATER-RESISTANT & VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE: This headlamp resists splashing water (IPX4) and damage from drops up to 1 meter for reliable performance.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE: You will hardly even notice wearing it. The ergonomic design and soft, adjustable headband are perfect for extended wear.

  • SUPER BRIGHT LED TECHNOLOGY: This headlight delivers a powerful, long-lasting 400 Lumens. Energizer's Vision HD LED Technology gives this headlamp the power you need.

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